Boettinger Services

Handyman Services From An Expert In Central PA

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Plumbing Services

We have several services to fit your needs, including: Repair and Replace Your faucet, Repair your toilet, Repair and Replace your Dishswasher, Replace your Garbage Disposal, Find and Repair Leaks and Repair and Replace your Sump Pump and Many more not listed.

Electrical Services

Replace your oven hood, replace the over the Range Microwave, Replacing the Switch or Receptacle, Replacing the Light Fixtures and Replacing the Ceiling Fan. (Call for other services you need, but are not listed).

Doors and Windows

Repair hinges, locks and latches; Repair and/or replace interior doors; Repair and replace windows.

Welding Services

Repairs to fences, railings and trailers.  Also Small Fabrication Projects.

Cabinet Services

Repair and Replace Doors and Hardware.

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